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2005 Drug Prices

Cannabis, Amphetamine, Ecstasy, Cocaine, LSD, Crack, Heroin

Taxing the UK Drug Market -the report commissioned for the BBC2 drama documentary, IF.. drugs were legal, and reported in national press as - Cocaine now cheaper than a cappuccino

Cannabis Prices 2004, Ecstasy Prices 2004,

Amphetamine Prices 2004, LSD Prices 2004

Heroin Prices 2004, Crack Prices 2004

Cocaine Prices 2004, Mushroom Prices 2004, Opium Prices 2004

Cannabis Prices 2003

Cannabis Prices (2) 2003

Drug Price Trends (average) - 1994-2003

Usual Drug Purchasing behaviour - Quantity of drugs normally purchased and amount normally spent per purchase

2002 Drug Prices

Drug Price Trends - National average prices from 1984 to 2002

Drugs prices - PRESS RELEASE 7-11-02

2001 Drug Prices

2000 Drug Prices

1999 Drug Prices

1998 Drug Prices

Rare & Exotic CannabisCannabis prices by size of deals

Cannabis 8thCannabis oz

Cannabis 9ozCannabis kg

1997 Drug Prices

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