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Drugs & the Law

This section of the site provides information on drugs and the law, and is aimed both at solicitors and other legal professionals, as well as drug users who have recently come to the attention of the police and are in need of legal advice.

DISCLAIMER - The information in this section is provided by way of general advice and information only, and is not intended to take the place of a consultation with a legally qualified solicitor, who can explain to you the position based on the individual circumstances of your case. By using any of the links on this page you certify that IDMU will not be held liable for any adverse outcomes as a result of reliance on the information or advice contained herein.

About IDMU Ltd

Legal Services - a list of some of our services for solicitors, including our terms & conditions and charges.

Help if Arrested - this page gives basic advice as to what to do if you are arrested for a drugs offence.

Solicitor Finder - Here we list by region, solicitors who have used IDMU in the past. We are frequently contacted by individuals seeking solicitors who are experienced in drugs cases.

Expert Witness - What is an expert witness, how an expert opinion might help your/your client's case, and how to find a drugs expert. Gives details of services IDMU provide.

Medical Necessity (Duress of Circumstance) in UK Law

Main Criminal Offences involving illegal Drugs (UK) - What offence means - what is involved?

Drugs & the Law - written in 2000

Full list of drugs under Misuse of Drugs Act

Classes and offences - gives details of the classification of different drugs and the main offences under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and Customs & Excise Legislation.

Maximum Penalties - gives the maximum penalties available to Magistrates and Crown Courts for the main offences involving different classes of drugs.

Sentencing Guidelines.

1997 Disposals -Shows how different offences involving each of the most common drugs were treated in the UK in 1997, giving the percentage of offenders cautioned, fined, given non-custodial or prison sentences.

Sentencing outcomes .

Postcode Roulette - how where you are in the country affects your chances of a caution or prison sentence.

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