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Research Services

    IDMU associates have been conducting surveys of drug users in the UK since 1982. We lead UK research into cannabis use patterns, purchasing patterns, market analysis and valuations.

    Since 1994, we have developed a database of over 15,000 regular drug users, which is expanding year on year. A number of common questions are included in all surveys, allowing year on year comparisons to be drawn. Other questions explored include attitudes to drugs, drug experiences, drugs and driving, arrest and crime statistics, demographics (age, sex, occupation etc), and many other questions revolving around use of cannabis and other drugs. We collect far more data than we are able to publish at any one time, and a number of scientific papers are in preparation covering specific areas of our research. The database also includes smaller but significant numbers of users regularly consuming other drugs.

    Collaboration - IDMU welcomes any offers of collaboration from University departments or individual researchers, and can provide customised analyses of existing data sets.

    Miscellaneous Drug Issues - If we don't have the information immediately to hand, we can usually either find this within 24 hours, or advise where the information can be found. We review developments in drug abuse worldwide from the Mapnews press clippings service.

    Customised Abstract Service - We can search the literature databases by key word and provide lists of scientific papers and/or abstracts by fax or e-mail.

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