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Due to the many enquiries we receive via email from students at all levels of study, we now provide these guidelines on how to use our site to gather the information you require.

If, after trying ALL the ways described below, you still have unanswered questions, then email student@idmu.co.uk with your SPECIFIC questions. We will try to answer your queries as soon as possible, however, due to workloads, we may take some time to respond.

Firstly view our lecture notes that we use when we give lectures at academic institutions – click here. This covers briefly the following topics:

Prevalence of cannabis use, Info on our surveys, Cannabis convictions, Frequency of cannabis use, Amounts used- user ratings – male & female statistics, Initiation to drug use - the ‘stepping stone’ hypothesis reconsidered, Use of Other Drugs, Busts/deterrence, The Cannabis Market – prices, Methods of Cannabis Use, number of ’spliffs’ (reefers) smoked per day, Settings of use, Reasons for use, Cannabis and Health - Medicinal use, Cannabis and Driving, Policy Options - Decriminalisation & alternatives, It contains many graphs & data tables.

After reading the document if you still have unanswered queries then navigate to our drugs information page – click here. Navigate to the relevant section (cannabis), where more information on the above subjects is available.

Also check out our drug prices section & medicinal information

Need further information? - check out our publications section which includes the following:

Regular Users II - UK Drug Market Analysis, Purchasing Patterns & Prices.
Cannabis & Driving - read the abstract & what our peers thought of it
Regular Users - Self-reported drug consumption patterns and opinions of drugs among 1333 regular cannabis users.
House of Lords Submission - Evidence to help the Lords decide whether or not to allow cannabis to be used for medicinal use.
Medicinal Cannabis - (Lords Addendum)
Summary of Medical uses
Types of Cannabis
Historical - How cannabis was criminalised.
Indian Hemp - Indian Hemp and The Dope Fiends of Old England. A
sociopolitical history of cannabis and the British Empire 1840-1928.


If you still need info – search our site using Google - below

Web www.idmu.co.uk

If after you have done all the above, you still need specific information then email us at student@idmu.co.uk

Don’t assume because you cannot find it straight away that it is not there, do a search.
Don’t just go straight to the email option – we will be able to tell if you have tried the above options first or not. When emailing – put a relevant subject in the subject box.
Do not ask us vague general questions, especially when the info is already on our site – if you read enough.

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