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What to do if Arrested.

Provisional Opinions

DO NOT CONTACT US DIRECTLY Ask your solicitor to contact us on your behalf. If we are to act as a defence expert, we cannot discuss the case with you.

If you are busted use your right to silence. Don't comment until a solicitor is present. If arrested, you have a right to a phone call. Ring a solicitor or a friend to get you a solicitor. If no-one can be contacted, do not worry, a 'free' duty solicitor will be available (you can change to your own solicitor later). To find a solicitor click here.

Keep a mental note of everything that has happened & tell your solicitor at the first opportunity you have.

Once the initial proceedings are over, if you are charged with 'possession with intent', instruct your solicitor to consider an expert report.

Depending on the type of drugs you were charged with having in your possession, we will then consider the evidence & prepare a report that may be used by the barrister conducting your defence. If served, it will also be seen by the prosecution and judge, and form the basis for oral evidence and cross-examination during any trial.

If you are found in possession of more than a few days supply, or paraphernalia such as scales, you may be charged with possession with intent to supply. Depending on individual cases, this intent to supply may later be dropped or a lesser plea accepted.

Police valuations in some areas may seem unrealistically high. With up to date research statistics we can produce realistic valuations, based on actual street prices all over the U.K

IMPORTANT !!!! Force Policy to Destroy Evidence (Cannabis Plants)

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