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Drugs Advice & Treatment

Bright Eye Counselling An online drugs and alcohol counselling service.They offer help and advice, contains a blog and forum section. Also offer a free consultation, afterwards there is a fee.

Life Script Healthy Lifestyles For Men & Women A USA based firm. They say - Women’s health questions? Men’s health problems? Find real health answers at LifeScript. Discover healthy living secrets, read articles about healthy lifestyles for men and women, current health news, and heart-healthy recipes.

Careandhealth is a major on-line resource for people in the care sector. The site has a database of all UK approved social work courses, extensive policy and law references, a sector specific care jobs service, daily news, features on professional practice, over 1400 links to other sites, discussion areas and guides to finding the right training courses."

Daily Dose is a treasure trove of substance misuse articles gathered from the World Wide Web and includes such sources as:- Government, Education, Medicine, Press, Science, Organisations & Agencies, Law, and Research etc. All articles are linked to the original authors. We believe our site to be a unique and readily accessible source of information for anyone with an interest in the subject of substance misuse.

Dual diagnosis is defined by the presence of both mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders.

Lifeline, the drug advice and information charity in Manchester. - Despite pressures from 'conservatives' and 'liberals' alike, our philosophy remains morally neutral in relation to the use of drugs. Lifeline's view of drug use is 'agnostic'. That is, we neither believe that the use of drugs is a good or bad thing to do. Lifeline sees no point in adopting a strong moral position in relation to the use of drugs.

Cocaine Anonymous

Cocaine Users Helping Hand - recovery issues

Drug Rehab Programs for America

'Ibogaine is a substance widely noted for it's ability to interrupt chemical dependence. That is to say, ibogaine is a drug that can be taken by an individual to break his or her addiction to things like heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, alcohol or tobacco'.

Release website RELEASE provides a range of services dedicated to meeting the health, welfare and legal needs of drugs users and those who live and work with them. The organization was founded in 1967 in response to the growing number of young people who were coming into contact with illegal drugs. With the voluntary support of many young professionals, Release established the first ever national drugs helpline and has maintained its pivotal role in the drugs and legal advice field and now operates a number of service programmes.

Web of Addictions homepage The Web of Addictions is dedicated to providing accurateinformation about alcohol and other drug addictions. We developedthe Web of Addictions for several reasons. We are concerned aboutthe pro drug use messages in some Web sites and in some use groups.We are concerned about the appalling extent of misinformationabout abused drugs on the internet, particularly on some usenetnews groups. Finally, we wanted to provide a resource for teachers,students and others who needed factual information about abuseddrugs.

Alcohol Concern (UK) website We are a national agency on alcohol misuse. We work both to reduce the costs of alcohol misuse and to develop the range and quality of helping services available to problem drinkers and their families throughout Enland & Wales.

Mental Health links page

Scottish Drugs Training Project The Scottish Drugs Training Project has been providing training and consultancy services in the drugs and alcohol field since 1984. Our core work is financed and supported by the Scottish Office and the University of Stirling.

National Inhalant Prevention Coalition (NIPC). The NIPC serves as an inhalant referral and information clearinghouse, stimulates media coverage about inhalant issues, develops informational materials, produces ViewPoint (a quarterly newsletter), provides training and technical assistance and leads a week-long national grassroots inhalant education and awareness campaign.

Doctor DeLuca's Addiction, Pain and Public Health website - free resource with large archives of articles on Abstinence vs moderation, war on drugs, war on doctos, pain crisis. American site

Music Therapy for addicts

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