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Workplace Testing

Q - I am a freelance journalist currently researching drugs testing in British workplaces.

Do you have any statistics that relate to this? Such as the amount of people sacked so far because of tests, or the amount of British companies that use tests?

If you could help me in any way I would be very grateful.

A - I'm afraid that I am not aware of any statistics as to the numbers of people sacked for drug tests in the workplace. There are not any central statistics kept as most dismissals are from private companies.

I suggest you try the Forensic Science Service for the proportion of positive tests. I know the numbers sacked from the armed forces have fallen in recent years, but don't have recent stats to hand (and the old ones would take some digging out from the Hansard archive).

Check out the 'Forensic & Law Enforcement Links' on the IDMU website for various firms and sites giving info on drug testing.


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