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Valium on the Web

Q - Could you please tell me if it is legal to order valium from a German company on the Web and have it delivered to my home in Scotland? It is for my own use.

A - Valium is a class C controlled drug. As a medicinal preparation, it is illegal to possess unless prescribed (although possession penalties are low), and supply charges could mean imprisonment. If imported via the internet or otherwise, the drug would be subject to seizure. Importation is considered a trafficking offence, even for own use, although court action might not ensue, provided the quantity was modest. There is really very little case law on the subject of which I am aware, so the outcome would be uncertain. Benzodiazepine drugs, like valium, can affect reaction time and judgement, leading to significant impairment of driving or operating machinery. The effects of benzodiazepines on driving are second only to alcohol in severity, and it is illegal to drive whilst 'unfit through drink or drugs'.

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