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Tables & Charts Abstract Introduction Methodology

Section 1


Section 2

Use of All Drugs Legal Drugs Cannabis Heroin Cocaine & Crack

Amphetamine Ecstasy LSD Magic Mushrooms History of drug use

Progression from Cannabis to other drugs Spending

Drug use & employment status

Section 3

Users opinions of Drugs

Section 4

Cannabis Use Method of use Home Grown Other consumption studies

Section 5

The Cannabis Market Cannabis Resin Asian Resin Moroccan Resin Lebanese Resin

Herbal Cannabis (Bush Weed) Home Grown Leaf Imported Herbal Cannabis

Skunk & other Hybrids Other/Unknown Cannabis Geographical variations

Comparison of the market profile with seizure statistics Other price surveys

Economics of the market Estimating prevalence from arrest indicators

Section 6

Attitudes to Cannabis

Section 7

Variations by Age and Sex Lifetime prevalence and age of initiation

Frequency of use and Spending Attitudes to drugs Sex Comparisions

Section 8

Trouble with the Law Drugs & the Law Cannabis & driving Conclusions

Acknowledgements Future Publications References

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