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Law Reform-oriented sites

Transform Drug Policy Foundation (TDPF) - exists to minimise drug-related harm to individuals and communities by bringing about a just, humane and effective system to regulate and control drugs at national and international levels.

Green Party Drugs Group - Now support full legalisation of cannabis

Legalise Cannabis Alliance - registered political party - manifesto available - how & why to stand in an election

Therapeutic Help from Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis (THC4MS)

Info on parliamentary moves for cannabis law reform.

UK Harm Reduction Alliance- an alterrnative Tory drugs policy.

Change the Climate - US group lobbying for political change.


CLCA website Calling for the full legalisation of cannabis world-wide and the release of all cannabis prisoners.

UKCIA website Comprehensive reform-orientated cannabis information website.

Legalise Cannabis Campaign (Scotland) The war on drugs in Scotland is still online! Old site for historic purposes.

Howard Marks (Ex cannabis smuggler) home page

CC News - Cannabis tabloid for the Cannabis Community.

Zero-Zero - Online Cannabis & Campaigning Magazine & Info

Common Sense in Drug Policy - Effective Drug Control Strategy 1999. Drug War Facts (US site) Updated monthly, Drug War Facts provides reliable information and credible citations on important criminal justice and public health issues. The goal is to introduce facts cited by authoritative sources to a debate which is often characterized by myths, erroneous information and emotion.

MarijuanaNews Home Page - A Personal Newsletter on the Cannabis Controversies. Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth. Marijuananews is Updated Once A Day, Sunday Through Friday. Includes many newspaper articles.

Libertarian Party (US) - Ending the War on Drugs The so-called "War on Drugs" is costing American taxpayers billions of dollars, endangering our children, eroding the protections of the Bill of Rights, creating enormous profits for drug dealers, and corrupting our police and judicial system. And it will never achieve what its supporters say they want -- a "drug-free America". It's time to end this failed "war".

DrugPeace (US) - The Drug Peace Campaign is a California Political Action Committee formed January 1, 1999, whose mission is to seek a peaceful end to the war now being waged by our own governments against us, the citizens of the United States of America, and the World.

Eddie Ellison's Legalisation Home Page Most of us share the same aim - "to achieve the lowest level of drug abuse possible - utilising a policy that causes the least harm to the rest of society" Eddie Ellison retired from the Metropolitan Police in 1993 as Detective Chief Superintendent heading the Crime Policy Unit of Specialist Operations Department at New Scotland Yard. He spent a total of seven years on the Metropolitan Police Central Drug Squad and was its operational head for three years.

The Cannabis Assembly Building religious legal defence

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