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Miscellaneous Drugs Sites

Anabolics Steroids info

Amsterdam Hotel reservations service in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Briwax product info (toluene solvent source)

The Lycaeum - Entheogenic Drug Library - The Lycæum was born from the Visionary Plants List (VPL), subscribed to by many people with a common interest in the entheogenic experience. We (are) a place where people from all around the world could freely exchange and research information regarding visionary plants, fungi, and chemicals. Since that time, we have had millions of visitors and have grown to become one of the Internet's largest hubs of drug information. We strongly support the free exchange of information. We regard our plant, fungal, and chemical teachers with the utmost respect.

UK Ecstasy Testing results - laboratory and DIY kits with interactive database.

Harm Reduction

Anabolic steroids information & links

Turnball's Steroid Encyclopedia complete information about anabolic steroids, the effects,side effects,doses,stacks,cycles,brands,bulking,cutting,nutrition,fakes,biochemistry and a lot more concerning the subject

Freedom Book Company - includes extensive list of drug-related books/magazines

Do It Now foundation - "America"s Drug Information Connection" - veteran US counterculture/drug advice agency/publisher turned virtual. Thirty-year archive including interviews (inc Leary, Weil), publications, fun and games etc.

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