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Media Sites

TV Oportunities - Media requests for drug users to interview

Other Sites

A blog about all things cannabis related

CC Newz - Cannabis tabloid for the Cannabis Community.

Pot TV

Red Eye Express - email

Weed World - cannabis magazine

Knockabout Comics - pulisher & distributor

Undercurrents - produce number of cannabis videos and short pieces worked on a number of drug issues.

The Gleaner - Jamaica Information - Go Jamaica.com, Jamaica's portal to the world.

Google News


UK Newspapers/magazines

UK Newspaper Directory (Yahoo)

The Times (UK) Online edition

Daily/Sunday Telegraph (UK)

Daily/Sunday Mirror (UK)

Guardian/Observer (UK)

MIXMAG home page

Press Association


UK Broadcast media

BBC home page

All Out Productions - Media Peroduction Company, makers of Grannie's a Junkie (Radio 5)

Roger Bolton Productions - maker of TV documentaries and discussion programmes - now part of Flame Group


Media search engines

MAPNEWS drugs newsclippings service (e-mails of press reports on drugs from UK, USA (mostly US), Canada, Australia and other countries). A very busy mailing list, expect 20-100 postings per day if a subscriber. Covers most articles in Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent & Scotsman newspapers. Volunteer "newshawks" and editors always needed.

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