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Online libraries

Drugscope - comprehensive online library on drugs

The major US review of cannabis & health in the 1980s (US) - Hollister et al.

New Home Office, Research Development & Statistics drugs info site. Contains downloadable research reports commissioned by the Home Office.

Hyperreal.org - drugs site

The British Library website

Drugtext General information on drugs from a Dutch perspective, includes online library

Schaeffer Library of Drug Policy Online versions of numerous drug-related papers

UKCIA Library Excellent on-line collection of drug-related scientific reports, news articles, Parliamentary reports and comprehensive links etc.

DRUGSENSE Major internet online resources for drugs information - reform oriented. If you have reservations about the War on Drugs, explore DrugSense to become better informed.

Academic-oriented UK drugs research mailing list This list provides a discussion forum and information resource for those undertaking research in drug misuse. It can be used to anounce seminars etc. and to promote links between researchers.

Hyperreal Org Online drugs library & info - now moved to Erowid Psychoactive Vaults.

Yahoo drugs and medications links

More substance-abuse links

COPAC - unified access to the catalogues of some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland.

MedWeb, is a catalog of health related web sites, maintained by the Emory Health Sciences Center Library to provide access to biomedical information to improve education, research and patient care.

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