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Forensic links


Forensic Science Service - new website

International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs & Traffic Safety 2000 (Stockholm)

Ecstasy.org - Ecstasy Testing results index - interactive website reporting results of Marquis test kits on branded pills sold as ecstasy.

Forensic Science Society (UK)

LookSmart forensic links

AEA Innovations - forensic news

Forensic Abstracts

Miscarriage of Justice - Report of flawed analysis refuted by Forensic Access, published by Scandals.org. Good background on analytical techniques.

Academic forensic site

Forensic Science Service - (UK forensic labs) home page

American Academy of Forensic Sciences - homepage The American Academy of Forensic Sciences is a professional society dedicated to the application of science to the law. Its membership includes physicians, criminalists, toxicologists, attorneys, dentists, physical anthropologists, document examiners, engineers, psychiatrists, educators and others who practice and perform research in the many diverse fields relating to forensic science. The members of the Academy reside in all 50 United States, Canada and 50 other countries throughout the world.

Forensic Science International (journal) An international journal dedicated to the applications of medicine and science in the administration of justice

Forensic Audio

Forensic Audio and Video Analysis Services


Transport Research Laboratory - TRL is an independent, internationally recognised centre of excellence in surface transport issues. For more than 60 years TRL has worked closely with customers in the public, private and independent sectors of the UK and world-wide. The organisation provides research based technical help which enables customers to obtain improved value for money, generate competitive advantage and a better understanding of transport problems.


Home Health UK is committed to providing the highest quality of simple, reliable health tests, which can be easily carried out in the home. Tests available range from allergy tests to drug tests for work and home.

K9 Product - drug and blood identification

EZ Test - DIY Ecstasy Testing Kits (Marquis)

Vale Enterprises - USA internal cleansing products

Craigs Firearms (US) - Substance Identification Kits

TestClear.com - 'We believe you should be judged on your skills, not on your lifestyle' Produce anti-drug test products and advice. FAQs provide useful, mostly accurate summary of testing methods etc and testing links. IDMU will not accept liability for any consequences arising from reliance on products or advice from this site (or any other links).

Cozart Bioscience Drug Testing Products Cozart has an extensive menu of drug testing systems and assays to meet all types of drug testing scenarios

Hey, man... when you get caught with your pants down... Urine Luck™!

They Say - 'The Urinator is a one of a kind, state of the art, electronic urine testing device that will maintain testing temperature for 4 hours. The Urinator is reusable and reliable. In fact, nothing on the market can even touch it ! Using leading-edge technology, this compact and simple to use product is designed to eliminate possible workplace discrimination. Innovative Research Technology, Inc. is in the forefront of the of the urine testing industry. The Urinator has been defined as "the ultimate" by many and is considered to be the Number #1 testing device in the country. When using The Urinator it is virtually impossible to test positive on a test.'

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