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GW Pharmaceuticals are not involved in outdoor planting (outdoor plantations would involve industrial hemp which has been grown under licence in recent years), and receive advice from some of the top world experts on cannabis cultivation. They are breeding plants to be able to produce a reliable cannabinoid profile (i.e. not just THC) in order to test different balances for treating conditions such as pain and MS. The intention is to reduce raw plant material down to the equivalent of "grass oil", and dilute this with a carrier liquid for use in inhalers etc. The cannabinoid balance is important, as cannabidiol (CBD) shows as much promise as THC therapeutically, whereas THC appears to be a painkiller, CBD appears to be an anticonvulsant with a different method of action, and recent studies have shown it to be neuroprotective against brain damage following strokes (and possibly, in theory, against neurodegeneration caused by ecstasy). CBD is normally found in hashish, with little present in bush or skunk, and can take the edge off a THC high, and can make users less anxious and paranoid.

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