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Complaint - Angry of Tunbridge Wells?

Q -

The fact that you have published the prices of this filth on a medium where young children can obtain it is simply disgusting.This is an official letter of complaint from a person with a lot of power whose word is highly regarded by some people of extremely high authority.I trust you will recify this very large mistake a.s.a.p.

A -

I'm sorry you took offence at the information published on our website regarding drug prices.

The prices quoted are from large-scale surveys of drug users, and are published as a resource for the benefit of academic researchers, legal professionals, and police officers providing drugs valuations for the courts.

IDMU in no way promotes the use of illegal drugs, and have no part in the buying or selling of drugs, legal or illegal.

We value our trusted and responsible reputation on both sides of the debate on drugs policy. We regularly provide expert evidence for the courts, and were contributors to the House of Lords enquiry, providing unbiased information which enables policy decisions to be made on the basis of fact, not conjecture.

I regret, therefore, that we are not prepared to alter the content of our website. However, we are investigating the possibility of restricting more sensitive information to paid subscribers only.

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