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Irritable Bowel Syndrome


I am a 22-year old businessman in Buffalo, New York (500 kilometers west of New York City). I smoke marijuana on a regular basis. I was diagnosed today with irritable bowel syndrome, with my symptoms being that, when I smoke marijuana, almost immediately I get a very uncomfortable bloating sensation on my lower left side. It does not seem to be linked with any other input/output than marijuana (i.e., no other food brings on this sensation, and no changes in bowel movements are noticed).

An article on your page suggests the use of marijuana to COMBAT this syndrome, wheras in my case it actually TRIGGERS it. I have found no other cases of this on the internet or with casual conversations with doctors and other people. Can you offer any insight, or have you heard anything about this?


Thanks for your input.

The paper was based on published research abstracts from Medline, and drew on findings from cannabinoid receptor research. Cannabinoid receptors are particularly concentrated in the gut, and it is believed that they may be involved in the control of gut motility.

No clinical trials have, to my knowledge, taken place into using cannabis to treat IBS, although some patients in California and elsewhere have claimed benefit.

Obviously, everyone is different, and different drugs affect different people in different ways. If you find cannabis makes your condition worse, the simple answer is to stop using it.

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