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Van Paten G: Gardening: The Rockwool Book USA 1991 93pp

Advertising material states "The best book on Rockwool (stonewool), the highly productive medium that revolutionised hydroponic cultivation. Covers many aspects of using rockwool: the Dutch ebb & flow methods, drip systems, EC, pH, cloning and harvesting. Offers easy to understand examples, plus many photos, drawings and charts".

Carries disclaimer concerned with product liability, no specific mention of cannabis or marijuana, although states: "Readers of this book are responsible for all plants cultivated".

Chapters include:

1 - Rockwool, how rockwool is made, the secret of rockwool, rockwool is safe

2 - How a plant grows in rockwool

3 - Water & nutrients, filters, nutrients, nutrient disorders, fertilizers, organic fertilizers, osmosis, temperature, reservoirs, pumps, garden beds, irrigation cycle, drip irrigation, timers

4 - pH & dissolved solids, checking the pH, conditioning, dissolved solids, checking dissolved solids, fungicides and pesticides.

5 - Cube gardens - growing tips, "Bobs garden", Rockwool wick gardens

6 - Slab gardents, to set up a drip system, reusing slabs

7 - Rockwool flock

Bibliography, glossary & index.

Comment: This large format book deals with many aspects of growing plants in rockwool in technical detail but with "rules of thumb" for the average grower It makes no mention of cannabis or marijuana throughout its text, even though I understand the author to be the same person as Jorge Cervantes, who has authored many books and articles on cannabis cultivation. An existing cannabis grower may wish to consult this book, but a non-user who saw the book would not necessarily make the connection between this book and cannabis cultivation. Advertising carries no explicit reference to cannabis.

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