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Meliniotis C (Sunlight Systems) - How to set up a grow-room. UK 1995 37pp + 2pp advertisements for growing equipment and seeds.

Disclaimer: The main disclaimer makes no reference to cannabis, disclaiming any responsibility for "resultant effects on any person or thing including (but not restricted to) plants, shrubs and trees". Recommends reader to consult experts if there are any further questions relating to particular types of plant. At the base of the publishing and copyright information there is a further notice: "N.B. Research carried out on the cannabis plant is referred to in this book. Please note that the cultivation of cannabis is still illegal in the UK and in most other countries." The book cleverly states the general principles of artificial light and hydroponic cultivation techniques without, for the most part, stating this is for cultivation of cannabis. However the cover, featuring a "Rasta" tending plants under the slogan "Grow your own Homegrown" leaves little doubt as to identity of the intended reader.

The various sections include why and how to set up a growroom, whether in a spare room, attic, cellar or small cupboard, light proofing, selection of high-intensity discharge lights (recommended), including metal halide and sodium lamps for flowering. A height/coverage table is provided (similar to other publications) and a list of daylight requirements of different plant types. Small print suggests that plants "like cannabis ... wont flower unless given at least 12 hours darkness".

Section on equipping the growroom suggests soil types (potting compost), food (good quality - do not overfeed), pot size, propagators, extension sockets, timers, circuit breakers, spray bottles, watering techniques, fans/extractors, heaters and reflective/lightproof sheeting.

Section on indoor growing advises on germination of seeds (in water or tissue paper, or propagators), recommending a day-length of 18 hours for growing - and 12 hours for flowering - cannabis (p14/15). Sections on repotting, flowering, and taking cuttings. Advises separate areas for propagation of seedlings/cuttings, vegetative growth of plants, and flowering (3 chambers as in Tricameral Sinsemilla). Paragraphs on testing kits, pests (esp. spider mites), insecticides and fungi.

Chapter on hydroponic growing (recommended), including nutrient film technique (use of tanks where water and nutrients are recycled via a water pump and reservoir, growing media (rockwool recommended - or soil) pH (neutral or lower) and conductivity. Shows diagrams of mini-blocks of rockwool for cuttings, fitted into larger blocks as cuttings develop.

Chapter on specialist equipment and growing techniques including CO2 - from cylinders, dry ice,. or home-brewed beer or wine - remote air-conditioning, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and economy 7 electricity. Suggests yields of 25-50g per square foot, depending on species. Development of mother plants for cuttings, keeping plants compact & pruning, hormone chemicals, & stressing plants ("to produce better quality oils for perfumes") by pruning larger leaves, underfeeding and underwatering.

The appendices give tables of buying and running costs of indoor equipment, a plant day-length index (cannabis listed as flowering with 12 hours or less), and electrical safety. Finishes with a double-page advertisement for Sunlight Systems products, including growlights, hydroponics, meters, propagators, rockwool, extractor fans, heaters, timers, CO2 cylinders and seeds.

Comment: This publication is sold by Sunlight Systems for 5.00. It outlines the main requirements of a grow room in simple language and diagrams. Although cannabis is mentioned only a few times, and the diagrams are ambiguous, most of the information is clearly directly relevant to cannabis cultivation, and was based on research with cannabis plants.

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