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Sensi Seed Bank Seed Catalogue - NL 1995 (ref AN1) - 31pp

The guide is available in English, and is distributed to callers at the premises of Sensi Seed Bank BV, Amsterdam. The company also distributes literature in the UK, although these are much briefer, and refer only to types of cannabis seeds, plants, and related literature[i].

The catalogue states that no product liability is accepted,

Disclaimer: "In some countries it is forbidden to import hemp seeds. If you want to take seeds with you into other countries you will have to check the local customs regulations. Failure to do so could endanger your safety. Sensi Seed Bank BV does not accept any responsibility for violation of customs regulations."

The first section is a list of seeds of 22 different cannabis varieties, including Northern Lights, Skunk and many other hybrids. Each variety carries a brief description with flowering times, maximum heights/yields (the yield figures appear grossly optimistic for most indoor applications), and price, with icons indicating whether the plant is suitable for outdoor, indoor, or greenhouse cultivation, and if the variety has won awards at the "Cannabis Cup" held annually in the Netherlands.

The booklet contains advice on germination (pre-soaking, sowing, transplanting etc.), lighting (including equipment catalog of high intensity lights (MH/HPS) and associated electrical equipment, arrangement, power use & safety). Other items in catalog include conductivity and pH meters, fertilisers & hydroponic nutrients, pest control agents, climate control equipment including thermostats, thermometers, fans; growing media (inc. rockwool blocks & mats), advice on cuttings, CO2 meters, air conditioners, pumps, timers and hydroponic equipment.

The booklet also contains books on cannabis and cannabis cultivation in Dutch, English, German, French and Italian, T-shirts and videos, and an order form for prospective purchasers.

Comment: In brief, the catalog contains all the equipment and information necessary for a grower to cultivate cannabis from seed to maturity. This is available without legal restriction in the Netherlands, and much of this material finds its way into the UK through clandestine importation.

[i] Sensi Seed Bank - Seed Catalogue. Obtained June 1995 from their stall at the Glastonbury Pop Festival

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