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Frank M & Rosenthal E.: Marijuana Growers Guide deluxe edition USA Red Eye Press 1990 330pp

This is a revised edition of a book first published in 1978.

Disclaimer: "The information and images in this book are presented as information that should be made available to the public. The publisher and authors do not advocate, nor encourage, the breaking of any law. At the time of this printing marijuana use and cultivation is illegal under federal statutes and international agreements. Growing marijuana for personal use is no longer legal under any state law. We urge readers to support the Drug Policy Foundation, National Organisation for the Reform of the Marijuana Laws, and similar organisations in their efforts to secure sane, sensible and fair marijuana legislation".

The book commences with a review of marijuana law reform, and a list of reforming organisations. The preface states: "The purpose of this book is to show you how to grow enough marijuana to supply all your family's needs.

Chapter 1 gives a history of cannabis and cannabis uses and a discussion of the species question. Chapter 2 discusses cannabinoid content of various varieties of cannabis, and THC potencies, including much complex botanical and biochemical information. There is no mention here of modern hybrids.

Chapter 3 discusses preliminary preparations, including seed selection, the cannabis life-cycle, and the requirements of indoor and outdoor growing sites. Shows how to produce a continuous supply from a multi-level unit lit by artificial light (p60). Discusses potencies of different plant parts, and the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Chapters 4 to 10 deal with indoor cultivation systems, dealing with light requirements (natural light, fluorescents, high intensity (MH/HPS) lights, the spectral characteristics, output and coverage, reflectors and reflective walls, electrical wiring and safety. Chapter 6 deals with soil characteristics and requirements, organic and inorganic fertilisers and composts, perlite, vermiculite and containers. Chapter 7 deals with environmental conditions for germination (plant in moist warm soil), day length, proximity of lighting, watering and essential minerals, air temperature, circulation, humidity and additional CO2. Chapter 8 describes thinning and pruning techniques, transplanting, supports and training. Chapter 9 deals with nutrients and fertilising, essential elements, foliar feeding, signs of deficiency, and introduces soil-less mixtures (sand, vermiculite, perlite mixes), and warns of the dangers of overfertilisation. Chapter 10 advises on identification and protection against diseases and plant pests. Chapter 11 deals with equipment maintenance, cleaning, and restarting a second crop.

Chapters 12 to 16 deal with outdoor cultivation, including choosing a site, soil characteristics, planting and transplanting, caring for the growing plants, and coping with insects and other pests.

Chapter 17 advises on flowering, including sexing plants (photographs), sexual variants, and sinsemilla production. Chapter 18 is about breeding and propagation, including production of seeds and breeding for specific characteristics, taking cuttings and producing clones form mother plants, grafting onto other species, and treatment of seeds with colchicine to produce polyploid plants (a crude form of genetic engineering) - although this latter method was not recommended and carried a safety warning. Chapter 19 discusses the effect of environmental factors on potency.

Chapters 20 and 21 advise on harvesting, manicuring, drying, curing and storage, with substantial technical information.

There is a full bibliography (unusual in such a book), index, and 3 pages of advertisements for other publications. The book also contains over 50 colour photographs of the various stages of the cannabis life cycle, including some excellent microscopic views of resin glands and insect pests.

Comment: This book is well written and very comprehensive, fully-referenced and technical. It certainly contains sufficient information for the novice to produce plants, but a novice may give up when faced with the mass of biochemical and botanical information. An enthusiasts, rather than a beginner's book, not stressing hydroponic methods of cultivation or modern hybrid varieties. The stated requirements of indoor growing as stated are similar to those of Marlow's book, and there are allusions to continuous production, although not of the same nature as in Tricameral Sinsemilla. This does appear to be a book written in 1978, with minor updates (on the law, addresses of organisations etc.) in the 1990 edition.

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