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Faber CE: A guide to growing cannabis under fluorescents USA 1974 - 25pp

Short A5 pamphlet subtitled "A handbook for high-power pot farming". Reissued by Ronin Publishing as part of the ĘCannabis Underground LibraryĆ.

Disclaimer: "To possess or grow marijuana is against the law in every state of the union as well as in most countries of the world. It is not the purpose of this booklet to promote any illegal acts whose penalties are often harsh. Rather it should be viewed solely as a reference work on raising plants under certain fluorescent light sources."

Advises on soil selection (including vermiculite, perlite etc., sterilising, pH), containers (jiffy pots, larger containers), lighting (incandescents, gro-lux fluorescents, costs, spacing, day length - 12 hrs for early flowering, longer periods delay flowering), plant location, seed selection & germination, transplanting seedlings, general description of cannabis plant, watering and fertilising, plant problems (aphids, spider-mites, whitefly, mealybugs etc.), pruning and propagating (cuttings), harvesting and curing, colchicine treatment of seeds.

Comment: A comprehensive booklet for the time, although information now dated. No reference to hydroponics, HID lighting or hybrid seeds.

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