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Rosenthal E : Marijuana Growing Tips USA 1986 - 126pp.

Disclaimer: "The material herein is intended for information and reference only. The author and publisher advise against any application of procedures herein if they involve breaking the law or any hazard to persons and/or property. The reader is cautioned about the use of drugs, and advised to consult a personal physician. However we urge readers to support NORML in its efforts to secure passage of fair marijuana legislation."

The preface refers to RosenthalĂs other publications and articles, and to his status as an expert witness in US courts. "His down home, humorous style is appealing to the average pothead as well as the government officials responsible for enforcing the countryĂs drug laws. People on both sides of the issue welcome his work."

Chapters 1 & 2 - cannabis varieties & seed selection - discusses the properties of cannabis from different geographical regions, and refers to the development of commercial breeders. No mention of specific hybrid varieties not then on sale. Chapter 3 discusses cuttings, chapter 4 - active and passive hydroponic systems, chapter 5 - late planting and early-flowering, indoor/outdoor transfers, photoperiod etc. Chapter 6 discusses CO2 enrichment, chapter 7 - the super grow-room, describing a large, fully-automated system. Chapter 8 discusses the cannabinoid content and psychoactive properties, chapter 9 - soil preparation, chapter 10 - artificial lighting (fluorescents, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, mercury vapour etc.). Chapter 11 describes harvesting and hashish production in India, and chapter 12 discusses medicinal marijuana. Chapter 13 advises on growing cannabis indoors under natural light, chapter 14 discusses seeds and breeding, chapter 15 is an account of a visit to Morocco, and chapter 16 is an interview with Carlton Turner, White House Special Advisor on Drugs. There are advertisements for other publications.

Comment: This book is written in simple language, and is one of the least technical of RosenthalĂs works. There are many black & white photos, but few diagrams. It is certainly dated in relation to his more recent works. It is not a step-by step guide, so much as a disjointed series of pieces on aspects of growing cannabis, and of more general interest.

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