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Rosenthal E.: Marijuana Questions - Ask Ed (Encyclopaedia of Marijuana) USA 1987 - 284pp

Advertising material states: "A compendium of answers to hundreds of questions on growing, preparing, smoking, health and legal concerns. Provides information found nowhere else. Well-organised, for easy reference, with 70 photos.

Disclaimer - ĂThe material presented in this book is presented as information which should be available to the public. The publisher does not advocate breaking the law. However, we urge readers to support NORML in its efforts to secure passage of fair marijuana legislation."

Chapters include: Indoor/Outdoor cultivation practices, lighting, systems, cuttings clones & seeds, flowering harvesting pollination and seeding, the varieties, genetics -v- the environment, insects & pests, drying & curing, smoking & eating, legal implications, glossary, letter to readers, index, directory of suppliers, catalog.

Comment: Appears to cover most aspects of marijuana cultivation, indoor and outdoor, in question and answer format, rather than step-by-step guide. The answers are well-researched and stated in understandable terms. There are numerous photographs of cannabis and cannabis plants, but only 1 diagram (of pest damage). I would consider that this book would appeal to the experienced grower who is seeking answers to the more technical or obscure questions.

One question of particular relevance (Systems: p99): The questioner (from Tucson Arizona) asks about constructing a 3-chamber grow-room in a 7├ x 12├ space, with separate areas for clones (with fluorescents), central growth (1000W MH @ 18-20hrs) and flowering (1000W MH @ 12hrs). Questioner implies a "Tricameral" type system very similar to the Kushti Box. Rosenthal replies that the system appears workable, but would retain only the cloning area and flowering chamber, allowing plants to grow from transplanting to harvest in a single room.

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