Sunday, 21st October 2018

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Media Opportunities via IDMU


Do you want to be interviewed on the Telly?

Occasionally, IDMU receives requests from TV/Radio researchers and Journalists seeking to interview UK drug users on or off the record.

We are however bound by our duties of confidentiality not to disclose names or details from individual cases we deal with in the courts, and our surveys are, by their very nature, anonymous. Therefore, we have previously been obliged to decline such requests. Now we seek to be able to offer to put users and the media in contact with one another.

If you are a drug user, or a family member of a user, and would like to be interviewed on Radio, Television, or by journalists about how drug use, or the drug laws, have affected you or your family, please e-mail us. We will contact you via email only, passing on any information that the Media send us.


No requests at the moment


Disclaimer: IDMU accepts no responsibility for any consequences which may arise out of disclosures made to journalists or broadcast media.



While it is unusual for individual users to be 'busted' after appearing on television, bear in mind that admissions of drug dealing may be more likely to attract police attention. Different UK police forces, and police officers, adopt different attitudes and policies towards users of different drugs.

Potential TV interviewees should also consider of the possible consequences or reactions should employers, relatives, neighbours or other persons recognise them on screen.

Advice on Fees: Individual interviewees are responsible for negotiating their own fees or expenses for broadcast appearances with the producers, researchers or journalists involved. Whether such fees are payable will depend on the circumstances in each case, and whether fees are agreed in advance. As a rough guide, fees of £25 or £50 upwards and/or reasonable expenses would normally be paid for broadcast interviews taking place at a studio, depending on the programme budget and audience coverage. Fees for telephone interviews are negotiable in advance, and are not always payable. If a TV company wishes to film you at home, you can usually charge them a 'facility fee' for any disruption caused.

If you are from the Media and have an enquiry or listing you wish to place - contact us here.

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