Sunday, 21st October 2018

LSD Mushroom Prices

IDMU Survey reports big hike in 2010 UK Drug Prices


The 2010 IDMU Drugs Survey has found that prices of illegal drugs in the UK have risen sharply over the past year, continuing and accelerating the rise seen since prices bottomed out in 2006.  The increase is most notable for cannabis, where skunk prices have reached record levels and resin prices are returning to levels not seen since the mid 1990s.  Cocaine purities are at an all time low and wholesale prices at a record high.   Criminalising Mephedrone has resulted in a 50% increase in average prices compared to those offered on the internet in early 2010.

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LSD Prices 2008

LSD prices by single tab, 10 tabs and 100 tabs.


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LSD Price trends from 1995 to 2008


LSD prices are at a historic high, reflecting very rare availability in the UK, there was a sharp increase at all market levels in 2008 accelerating the increase seen in 2007.

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