Friday, 19th October 2018


About I.D.M.U. Ltd


Independent Drug Monitoring Unit

The Independent Drug Monitoring Unit (I.D.M.U. LTD) is an independent research consultancy conducting original research, including large-scale surveys of drug users, and providing expert evidence to the courts in criminal cases involving controlled drugs. We seek to provide accurate up to date and impartial advice and information on issues surrounding illegal drugs to all parties within the debate on drugs policy.

The main service provided by I.D.M.U. is expert evidence to the criminal courts on most aspects of drug misuse, including comment on consumption patterns, valuations, effects, paraphernalia and yields of cannabis cultivation systems. This is based on existing published studies and our own independent research projects.

I.D.M.U. is a commercial organisation not currently receiving any direct government or charitable funding. Research is currently funded as research/development expenditure paid for by fees derived from consultancy activities.

Matthew Atha (BSc MSc MEWI) is the director and principal consultant with I.D.M.U., with experience of research into cannabis consumption and drug policy since 1982.


IDMU Ltd, Rodney Chambers, Liverpool, L1 9AA.  Tel: 0151 438 2326. Fax: 0151 709 8948.


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    Drug expert witness for legal assistance in drugs related offences.