Taxing Cannabis

Taxing Cannabis = £6.5 b

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Sunday, 21st October 2018

Cannabis Prices

UK Cannabis Price Trends (1994-2008)

Cannabis Prices – The price of the two most common types of cannabis rose significantly in 2008, confirming the increases in 2007 to be the start of a trend rather than a ‘blip’. This increase was seen at all market levels. Soap-bar resin prices, which hit a 20-year low in 2006 have clearly bottomed out, and Skunk prices have risen sharply after a decade of stability.

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Cannabis Market Trends 1994 to 2008

IDMU monitors the market share of different types of cannabis via questions in our surveys asking respondents to indicate the rough percentage of their usage accounted for by different types of cannabis. This can be expressed as raw shares (total percentages for each variety divided by total percentages for all varieties) or weighted market shares (individual percentages multiplied by reported monthly usage).

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Regional Variations in the UK Cannabis Market


Although skunk is the dominant variety of cannabis available in all UK regions, the degree of dominance varies, with the highest market share in the Midlands & East Anglia and lowest share in Scotland & Wales.

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