Taxing Cannabis

Taxing Cannabis = £6.5 b

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Sunday, 21st October 2018


Research articles about the effects of cannabis.

Cannabis Use in Britain


These lecture notes are intended as an introduction to Cannabis use in the UK.

These briefly cover prevalence of cannabis use among different age groups, consumption patterns, initiation to drug use (the "progression" theory), the types of cannabis available, methods of use, driving, medicinal use and possible future policy options.

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Cannabis and Driving


Reviews of the scientific literature suggest cannabis may impair performance on certain psychomotor tasks. Cannabinoids are found in an increasing percentage of fatal accident victims. Studies of driving simulators, actual driving behaviour, or culpability analysis applied to accidents demonstrate little impairment of performance compared to the effects of alcohol, some studies even suggest improvements in driving behaviour.

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Cannabis and Aggression


Cannabis is widely regarded as a "peace" inducing drug, a legacy of the hippie era in the 1960s. Relaxation and stress relief are among the most commonly reported reasons for use of the drug, and IDMU surveys have found "reduced aggression" to be a commonly-perceived "benefit" of using the drug.

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Effects of Cannabis on Memory & Cognitive Function


The effects of cannabis on tests of short-term memory are well-established. Miller reported "The single, most consistently reported behavioural effect of cannabinoids in humans is an alteration of memory functioning."

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Cannabis and Sexual Function

Use of cannabis commonly causes a sense of euphoria, relaxation, enhanced appreciation of sensory stimuli (food, music, sex), and increased sociability. Physical effects include increased heart rate (tachycardia), lowered blood pressure, and injected conjunctiva (red-eyes).

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Cannabis based medicines

GW Pharmaceuticals is undertaking major research programmes in the UK to develop and market distinct cannabis-based prescription medicines [THC:CBD, High THC, High CBD] in a range of medical conditions. The cannabis for this programme is grown in a secret location in the UK.

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