Friday, 19th October 2018

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If... Drugs Were Legal


IF is a series of BBC2 drama documentaries, one of which was IF drugs were legal.

Programme Description


London five years after drug prohibition. Clubs and bars are now licensed to sell drugs including ecstasy and cannabis: cocaine and heroine are available on prescription. Government control means quality and safety. But then a girls dies from taking an unidentified drug, the new system is bought into disrepute and a murder investigation is launched. Drama documentary based on rigorous research and interviews with experts in the field. Starring: CHRISTOPHER FULFORD, JULIETTE ELLIS & RICHARD LEAF

Please note that BBC and programme makers were not making any "proposals" about the best way forward for the future. Nor are they trying to make predictions. Rather it's a provocative scenario to prompt a debate about the issues of drug legalisation.

Click here to read the full report that IDMU produced for the BBC (Taxing the UK Drug Market).

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